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Saturday, February 28, 2004

how ungentlemanly of kane.
he just choke slammed trish and miamed jerico's leg
to think i lurve him so much at one time.
oh ya! then theres this 'blueblue' person who showed up
my pa guessed that maybe that person was undertaker.
but i hope undertaker shows up
its been a looong time since i saw him.

back to the reeal thing.
YANHAN! pls lor! i was just a little forgetful...
did huiying tell u everything?
-frog's eyes-
wahahahahas! huiying. dun go ard blabbering bout mi le la!
yanhan. home ec isnt fun. especially the practical. especially if it is sewing
i was practicaly having a battle with the sewing machine lor!
but was glad in the end. i figured out how to thread the machine!
wad a sense of accomplishment! whahahahas!
but realli....
rahh. my plain seam was a total blearghhh.
went to the parsar malam at my house down stairs.
was fining for vcds but i onli saw lots of porn vcd
-puts hands over eyes-
see no evil.
no vcd!
can you believe it?! no vcd!!!
but got lots of powerpuff girls and hi 5 and barney vcds.
but pa dun buy fer mi.
hahaas. wells..
pearlyn! dun tell mi your bloggie add tell mi how to sign your guestbk???
huiying! when you signing my guestbk?
huilin! when you signing my guestbk?
dear dear seniors. pls sign my guestbk! whahahahas
okie. gettin late.
must sleep.
my eyelids are like having a 3000ton weight pulling it down.
yes so i must go now.
be brave my loves.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:56 AM

Friday, February 20, 2004

hmmms. whos yiyi?

ok. todae was ok..
by the time i reach home i probably carn realli rmb what happened.
ill try to recall.

the morning was messy!
had to do chinese zuo ye.
cos obviously i didnt do the night before cos i only realised that the zuo ye was at home in the morn
then there was the home econs coursework thingy.
actually didnt do much thou

got caught by huiying fer not wearing nametag.
it was in class mah!
rahhhhh! hahas.

home ec test sucked. is polyester and linen strong?
and is linen absorbent and polyester not really absorbent?
i dunno!!!!
eh.. not farny leh.
somemore its consumer ed lor!
then we started on sewing.
the basic stitch.. tacking or sumthing. carn realli rmb. was easy
sew in and out in and out then later do backstitch
its the invisible stitch thingy i dunno how to do
do double stitch first. then tuck sumwhere.
tuck where? rahhh!
nvm. ask my mom later.
maybe get her to help mi sew.
ahahahas. im not so bad!

then was chinese. rahhhh!
stupid chen hsieu moi again
-sticks tongue out at her-

art was ok...
mr foo still has all those pock marks.
feel lyk scratching them. hahahas

we shall take a fast forward and go straight to lunch.
was walking the whole of canteen finding fer mabel taking my bowl of noodles.
stupid vivian!!!
then i decided to sit with rachel and the rest.
then we started singing summer lovin with actions included.
then we were making such a din i think that those people sitting the few tables away will rmb us foreva. hahhaas

then i made my way to the mpr and lets fast forward again.
roger's thingy started and we were supposed to get into groups of 6
went with mabel vivian elizabeth jamie and yashi
we were supposed to do thid faces of women thingy.
i did the hawker.
then i was standing right infront of rachel's group
then they were so bad!
kept making mi luff.
then u noe wad i did? u noe?
i spat at them
as in not realli purposely spit but as in u noe.. those spit.
uh huh
then everyone was luffin luffin

then we got into our 1920's group thingy and we did not do a single thingy
we were lyk sitting together crapping loads.
these were a few games learnt from my seniors.

black magic
ppl are supposed to think of an object to let the other person guess. the other person always manage to guess

bang bang
BANG bang Bang BANG BANG bang Bang Bang BANG BANG bang BANG!!
who die?
u died.

red or green?
red red red green green red green green red green red red green green red
red or green?

aiyah. actually these dun realli get the msg across
must do it face to face then fun.

whoever who chooses home ec as their subject in sec 2 during streaming
is mad. hahahas
its true lor! i mean i spent a whole 45 mins to take to sew that invisible stitching!
but the outcome was ok.
hmmms. should get at least a 5?
hahhas. yupps.
getting late gonna sleep.
hos this for a loong entry? not bad eh?
nites and toodles!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 3:01 AM

Thursday, February 19, 2004

luvya dan
she has agreed to help mi do layout

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:19 AM

i was looking thru some ppl's bloggies entries
and they were super long?
then i looked at mine.
ehhh.. ahahhas

but what can i do? i dont write looooong entries.
an entry with bout 195 words is counted looong for me
so what can i do?

haven been bloggin fer a loong time
[hey i mentioned the word loong quite a few times]
as i was saying
i haven been blogging for a loong time.
so i decided to blog todae ((:
what a nice gurl i am
-the angel circle thingy appears ontop of my head-

o! todaes had some pmb thingy
was totally nice!
voule vouku she a ve moi cse sua
sumthing lyk that.
i dunno which group had the performance on lady marmalade.
had at the beginning, school of rock

and if u wanna be the teacher's pet
well baby u just betta forget it
rock got no reason rock got no rhyme
u betta get to school on time

yowwe! the song rocks. hahhaas
wellls. yea. carn say much thou

think im getting hook onto yu pian mian xian
ate that yesterdae too.
have a intuition that im gonna eat that tomms
hahahas.. yepps.
the day sucks.
got called up by chen siu[or issit hsieu] mei to ans this ques
wah lao!
i didnt noe the ans
carmen came to the rescue and wrote it down and so i akwardly sat down.

no story telling during tians class todae.
tian was so scary!
cut off yuru's...
guess what?

hows this for a looong post?
should be ok...
i guess.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 12:57 AM

Saturday, February 14, 2004

thanku thanku thanku xinling! thanks fer signin my guestbk at last. hahhaas. u certainly lighted up my guestbk. hahas.

went to my sis rom. was nice. concorde hotel's buffet was excellent!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 10:14 PM

Monday, February 09, 2004

SARAH!!!: i will never ever go and tag your board ever again! stop calling mi big D lar! it sounds so yucky. and nope. not bid C too. urghh.

my flu has turned to block nose. im sufferrin! hai~

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:18 AM

Saturday, February 07, 2004

hihi! juz comin here to blog fer a short while. urghhh!!! im down with flu! bird flu! runaway!!!! hahahas. crappin but im realli down with flu. urghh! irritating. aiyah. maybe it was my fault too cos i insisted to go swimming yesterdae even thou i had this stupid flu. yes. gosh i juz used finish my second box of tissue. oh no!!!!! im in no mood to blog anymore.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 10:55 PM

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

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the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 12:35 AM

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. another meal at cafe cartel
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