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Saturday, January 31, 2004

wahahahhas! juz cut my hair again ((:

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:04 AM

Friday, January 30, 2004

ahahas! todae art was so farny!! ok. started out goin to the art room expectin a new teacher since mr foo was ill. so went and then this guy darrel tan. 19 years old onli!!!? 19 years can teach meh? but wadeva lar. then later we were supposed to do sum painting thingy and we were happily doin doin doin. then suddenly yiling wanted a green. but she couldnt get the green that she wanted. then squeezed lots of green and yellow. hmm to greeny. then squeeze yellow. hmm. too yellowish. squeeze grenn. then wah lao! the whole palette was full of thick thick green colour lor! waste so much paint and yiling onli needed one dab to paint and then when yiling was abt to wash the palette that time i dabbed my hand into the paint and started smearing all over ruoen's palette then in the end her palette was so green!! even those red ar blue ar those colours became green too! hahahahhahas. then later jasmine wahh. i tell u ar. she is a miracle maker man. she made the palette so white again! hahahahas. yupps. ting xie was a breeze. ((:

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 6:50 AM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

yess dear sonia. it was meant to be and apology for not goin back to pl with you that day. sorrie ok??? hahahas

ahh! love miss santha!!! she bought the merci chocolates that day fer us cos of cny!!! it was the best chocolate so far any teacher had given us lor! hahaas.. yupps. oh yar! peter pan rawks! peter pan was soo dreamy. its totally lyk a fairytale. waitaminute i think i mentioned this in one of the past entries right? hahahas. but dun care lar. yupps. so nice! i wanna watch it again. u see the background and all. so fluffily nice! hhaas. rain rain rain. rainin all day long. why must u do this to mi? when walkin home from school rain. almost everydae mi shoe was totally soaked lor! but nvm. hahas. i still lyk bein out there in the rain. soaked and all. hahas. but its cold. hmmms. yupps. dunno wad to say. nuthin to blog abt. hmms. realli borin these days. got ting xie this fridae. urghh. shucks lar. :(

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 12:20 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2004

o.. ive no energy to blog now thou i haf lots to write about

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 5:01 AM

Friday, January 23, 2004

sarah: i forbid u to call mi big d again u stupid gurl!!!! AHHHH!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:29 AM

suqi: my email ar. yea! add mi!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:22 AM

oopsie! woke up at 2pm this morn. or should i say afternoon? hahas. 2!!! i dun believe how i could haf slept fer so long! hahas. hai~ didnt go visitin so was slackin the whole day. didnt go out till aft dinner. yepps. was ard 8? hai~ went to ang pao river to walk walk. it was so wet!! rain rain rain. rain rain rain. it kept rainin and rainin. hahahs! no la. it wasnt too bad. got to see alot of diff thingys and my father was so fascinated by the the machine that goes 360 degrees and those realli fast and exciting rides. hahahas. i guess he kinda wanted to go up and sit. hhahas. yea. bought this bee thingy. it was so cute!!! hahahas. and cum back at abt 12? gosh. guess im gonna sleep till 2 again tomms. hahahahs.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:18 AM

Thursday, January 22, 2004

isnt he cute???

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:48 AM

Jeremy Sumpter

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:48 AM

yupps. day was ok. not too bad. started off in the morn gettin waked up by mi bro. hai~ so sleepy! yupps. slacked till 12 or 1 i think then went out wif mi bro. yepps. we went to mi bro's aunty house. their house is in punggol. yepps. a veh desolated place to mi. yea. but the hdb flat is so not lyk a hdb flat. it was so elegant.. juz lyk a condo! it was reall nice!!! there were features of condo too except that there wasnt any security gaurd. haaas. yepps. sat around fer awhile. then we proceed to plaza sing to watch movie!! watched peter pan!!! yea!! i tell u lor! the show was super dreamy. its lyk a fairy tale. i wan to be wendy especially when peter pan is jeremy sumpter!! so cute! cute. yea. charming yea. handsome? ok. cuter. yea!!! carn stand it. hahahas. then at night had a family gatherin at my house. so noisy. crowded. ok... i was almost suffocated!!! no la.. not so bad la. hahaas. maybe cos im tired. haven been sleepin well these few days. yea. hahahas. yupps. i blog until here cos im realli too tired to blog anymore. *yawn* !!!! its almost 1am! i juz dunno how lian jie can stand workin until 3am. hahhaas. nite everybody!!!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:47 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

omg!! tony leung is super charmin!!!! carn stand it!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:25 AM

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:24 AM

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:21 AM

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:20 AM

ahahhahas ripped this frm jayne's bloggie. this is a betta description abt wad happened at the class gatherin dae. wahhahahhas!

oOo....TODAY REALLY HAD fUn!!=)happy day...reaL unforgettable.......yeaH.....lemme had our 6`pUrItY ClAsS GaThErInG!!!yeah...kinda had the feeling i had last yr...eNjOyAbLe!!=)k...lemme met celestia,rach n sarah at the mrt station..n we headed to pasir ris park...yeah...when we reached them....found a shelter...den juz settled down lor...went to change coz i thought that i would get wet.....yeaH..den we went to rent bicycles.....paid $10 for 3 hrs...quite worth it rite??hees....started cycling fer a while...yeah......n everybody was ahead of me...OMG....paiseh...i am juz a beginner!!hees...yupX..den later xiangli came...n guess wad she was wearing??!!! a TUBE!!....inside lah..hahas...we teased her...=)*bLeH*okie...we went cycling fer a while more..den we started hiding sum things for the games later....yeah...n our eX-classmates arrived at abt 2.25???yeaH..we went to fetch them at the bus stop...n viv's slippers bRoKE......we used celestia's scotchtape to try to mend it...but use!!....yeaH....n viv had to cycle back bare-footed......*oUcH*yeaH...painfuL...k.....we were disorganised at first lor...havent done sum we gave them free time for abt an hour??yeaH..discussed sum things n yeaH...fortunately...managed to settle the things.....went to cycle wif wendy,xiangli,celestia n sarah......a whole big round aroung pasir ris park???!yeaH..xiangli feLl.....painfuL leh...gotta injuries...brought her to put sum medicine...yeaH..n an hr passed reaL fast..started wif our games.....xiangli n i were in charged of station 2.......where the gals r suppose to find 3 audience n either sing or dance for them...hahas!!=)*bLEh*den here cums grp 1....when we told them abt it...they were lyk...OMG!!!....hahas....den xiangli n i helped them "chu ma" lor...we helped them find 3 women...then they sang "WE WISH U A MERRY CHRISTMAS..."yeaH...Glad that that woman wasnt satisfied..they sang tWiCe!!..yeaH..took their clues n left....hahas....xiangli n i gotta loads of dUmb ideas...we went to change the rule for the game ourselves,without telling IC....OopSiE...wahahahas....*naUgHtY*it became:u muz find 3 male audience n either sing or dance for them.hahas...MALES!!i think they r sHy..hees...dunt dare to wad can we do....dis time regina n viv was there.....we went to help them find again lorX.....n we found 4!!!hahas....they went there to see them perform....all 4 of us were lyk laughing non-stop...oOpsie..not suppose to laugh....but sooRRy..carn help it..hees...:pthen the last grP..bez!!!we changed it AGAIN!!it became:u muz find 4 guys...aged 14-16 n!!!muz be SHUAI!to see u dance n profrm....hahas...fUn!they started finding...budden again cannot...haiyaz....we went to find again...haish....n we found older guys..5 summore!!hees...they were lyk rushing back to BBQ.....den luckily they stiLl agreed...but one thing...they r not handsum!!all the handsum all at the other part of pasir ris park lor...hmpH...yeaH....but last grp was toO sHy..they dunt dare to do anything...den xiangli n i had to giVe them terms n conditions lor......kept the guys waiting...den ITE....xiangli n i sang wif them lorx.....maLu......yeaH..den they left.....n allie's handphone was spoilt..she was quite worried....but was okay the not soo bad..den the boys who were rushing to BBQ came cycling back here again..for dunno wad reason...den rach saw a grey shirt guy..n she said he was shuai....den took a closer look..okay lahx...regina n xiangli oso said that..yeaH..den later jolene,wen xin,wynne etc told us that they took they wRong bicycle..den cannot find another one.....quite panicky.....yeaH..den we thought it may be one of the guys,,,went to look for far away lorx....i think they think we like them lor.x..."da lau yuan qu zao ta men"....irKs...yeah..thye still said "hello!"OMG...we teased rach..said that her grey shirt guy was there...then she said not shuai liaoz...Legolas still betta...yeah...the guys said that they returned their bicycles liaoz..hiyaz...angry...dunno wad to walked back...n dunno wad they guys saying lahx....den later the LKK old man still threaten to call their sch if the carn find the bicycle,FURIOUS!! started finding...searching...splitting ourselves.....searching 4 a pathetic bic!!!yeah..n noe wad??!!!the bicycle was all along in his shop lorx....OMG!!jo's father had to tok to him all sorts lorx....gotta ltos of trouble...yeaH..den later the LKK old man juz said...y muz u tell ur father....u noe wad is his prob??...his prob iz that he is to muddle-headed...thats y forgotten n even wrote wrongly for my friends..made them soo worried...hiyaz...den i heard that he juz said "merry chritmas n happy new yr"be4 they left lro...didnt even apologise...hiyaz...den after tat...moz of them gotta go home....den later we played playgorund..den wanna go eat dinner together n white sands...aud i asked her to meet us at white sand since we were leaving pasir ris soOn...xiangli gotta go coudlnt go wif we headed for white sands wif sarah,mich n cheryL....met aud..den went to mcdonalds for dinner....aud ate two burgers!!!scary...yeah..den alter the three of them went home...then our grp,including aud went to tampiness....juz to eat instant noodles...we r born to be pigs i guess..hahas....we went to cheers..coz gottta hot water...den viv n regina ate laksa frm a nearby shop...we all sat outside cheers....n the beggars...funniest part....aud n i went to sit on the chair at first.....then later after we eat...e thought of sumthing..we went to pur our cup noodles cup in front of them!!hahas...den aud wanted to give them money!!*hahas...naughty!*but fUn...and at that time regina was in the we decided to play wif her...when she came out..we asked her to sit..den we all stand up n put the cups in front of her...den she didnt even realised anything at first lor....blur blur one...hahas...soo funny..imitating beggars..shouldnt do that...hees...den i think a PL gal saw us lor...actually alot of ppl were lyk staring at us..oOpsie..hahas...den later aud had to go that time..i really wanna shit ..but wanna shit controlled..hahas...sounds disgusting rite??...=)den we went to tampiness mall to take neoprints...nice!! that was lyk already 9.15pm??...rushed home...fetched viv home den later we walked home together....yeaH..reached home at abt 10.15pm??yeah..should be....okie..thats too long..gtg le..hahas....realsied i haf typed too muCh liaoz....fUn day...memorable day! late liaoz..nites!#)

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:17 AM

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 4:07 AM

lian jie: ahahahas. thanks anywae fer signin my guestbk!!!! miss u loaddies too!!! hahhas. good lar. u got bonus. i broke le...

wells. todae was nice. oopsie. didnt go to cine le cos todae supposed to chi tuan yuan fan so in the end decided that it wasnt appopriate to go out. yupps so im here. oh ya! i went back to pl. see jeremy. think lar. cny celebrations end at abt 10 9? u carn expect mi to stay in sch all day waitin fer u rite? haiyoh. hahhaas anywae went back to pl. but at that time most of the teachers were gone. hai~ but we left sum notes fer them. hai~ didnt get to see mrs lau!! i lurve her mann. hai~ then durin the cny celebrations in st nics was ok lar. i didnt lyk the fact that i had to sit on the track. later butt red red. hai~ hahas. but it was quite ok. veh hot toos but the whole thingy was enjoyable. i was singing the 'chun feng ta wen shang le wo de lian' hahhaas. irritating mieo teng and evelyn. wahahhahas! oi.. i sing veh nice one ok. onli those low notes i couldnt reach. wahh! zoetay can sing real low mann! hahas.. oh yar! danielle copy mi! she bought the same sports shoe as mi!!! copy cat! wahahahhaas! OOPS SORRY SONIA!!! i couldnt find u so i... SORRY!!! hahas. yupps then spend sum time wif jayne wanzhen regina at the pri sch yepps. the day was fun!!!. went home. i bathe and immediately slept. slept frm abt 2 sumthin[?] till 5 i think and my hair was so wet and the pillow was wet too. hahas. celestia! if u r readin this can u pls use the time to go and download the pix and puit them sumwhere or send to mi???? haiyoh..

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:12 AM

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

suqi: yepps. i remember u. wahh.. how on earth did u link to my page ha??? oh ya. miss u loads leh...

Remember that a little love goes a long way.
Remember that a lot... goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
Life's treasures are people... together.
Realize that it's never too late.
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Have health and hope and happiness.
Take the time to wish upon a star.
And don't ever forget... for even a day...
How very special you are.

nice? miss santha send us one. wahahhahas! take a look at miss santha's email

Hi Girls,

Regarding attire for 2morrow:

NO Sleeveless tops.

NO 3/4 length pants.

No Burmudas/Shorts.

No Sandals/Slippers.

No Spaghetti straps.

If you r wearing a skirt, skirt's length must be at least knee-length.

Bright Tops & jeans/pants allowed. Two Wisdom girls be Wise. Live up to your class name....Ahemmmm...

Strictly NO BLACK clothes...If you come in black attire, I have red paint and I will personally paint you red (including face)!!! Then dun tell me that I didn't give you ample warning....

Plse bring two oranges.... Very Important....

Someone plse convey this message to Zixin, plse??? Thx.

Ms Santha

Remember that a little love goes a long way.
Remember that a lot... goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
Life's treasures are people... together.
Realize that it's never too late.
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Have health and hope and happiness.
Take the time to wish upon a star.
And don't ever forget... for even a day...
How very special you are.
~Douglas Pagels Collection~

hahhaas. tomms aft cny celebration mi and nicole and sum other ppl(but i dunno whom) go to orchard maybe cineleisure to watch cheaper by a dozen. so cute! got that smallsville guy. wahh!!!! hahahas. yupps.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:33 AM

Monday, January 19, 2004

i luv my jie fer helpin mi buy op sundress and 5566 second album!!!! luvherloaddies!!!!!!

-5566 second album
-school of rock sound track
-op blue colour sun dress
-bum equipment's halter
-new pair of jeans

these is a collection of frens and wad i think abt them they can be anywhere. frm speech n drama or frm st nics or from pl. they anre not all gals. got guys too! wahhahahas!

A- a veri and cheerful gurl. but always busy when online
B- a veri sporty gurl. i love her. she spams my guestbk
C-yuck! i hate this girl lyk bleahh man!
D-a veri creative and nice girl
E-nice and crazy but a little short. wahhahahas!
F-a veri nice natured gal. ((:
G-ok la.. shes ok
H-i luv this senior!! yea!!
I-ehh... ok la. onli pam will noe him well
J-ok. not bad. but a little.. urmm. carn put it to words
K-i love her!
L-this one is nice and sweet and carin. veh nice to tok to!!!
M-ehh. ok la..
N-i dunno her that well
O-nobody starts wif that name
P-ok but a little tomboyish
Q-urmm. ok lar. shes veri clever
R-shes ok. nice fren
S-oo.. a veri nice senior. luvherloads!
T-ok lar. not a bad senior
U-usuki? i dunnoe anyone startin frm U
V-she is a stupid sucky up to teachers. i hate her. :P
W-ok lar.
X-mi! i lurve mi self!!!!
Y-yea!!!! i luv her. shes a veri good fren to tok to!
Z-ehh. dunno of anyone startin frm Z

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:48 AM

Saturday, January 17, 2004


the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 10:03 PM

Wow, you're just plain nuts
What Snack Food are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 9:48 PM

this is my way to live

What about yours?

made by rav-chan

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 9:44 PM

oh ya. forgot to add juz remembered frm rach blog. tan xinlin u haf to read this.

hahahas... :P

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 3:43 AM

cat: heyys.. thanks fer signin my guestbk. yupps i hope my tradition will carry on in sng for years to cum provided that there are potential girls *winkies* hahaas. didnt noe u still cum and read my bloggie. yupps. good to haf a hou dai but i think i would still prefer if there is one mi. yupps. maybe when im in sec 4 and one person to replace me?? yupps i think that will be lots betta. hahahas luvyatobittys to!!!!!

jamie aka rachel: hahahas. u still put ur name jamie hahas. i still think u do look lyk a jamie person. wells. i dunno ur bloggie add leh. how to link u?? but i noe where to find out la. hahahas. luvyatobittys!!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 3:35 AM

Friday, January 16, 2004

oh my!!!! todae was so fun fun fun! it was exciting finding out who our juniors were. and there was this one girl. ok.. i admit. she was abit like me but i wasnt that exaggerated!!! she was lyk 'ni hao. o. i mean hello' 'i am Diana.' then she made that kawaii face and she stick out her butt and i was lyk 'wah lao!!!' then it was lyk everyone at once 'oi xiangli.. ur hou bei arr..' and aiyoh! carn stand them. yupps. counted the juniors. there were altogether 21 juniors! wahh! so much! hahas. then later had roger's thingy again and it was total borin again. and mi and eliz joined yanhan they all aft our conversation abt physics(hydrogen, iron and magnets) elizabeth should noe wad im tokin abt! it was lyk 5.00 when we started crappin abt things until 6.00 and i was so fascinated at how we could crap for so looong! haiyoh.

oh ya! im so glad. i think im finally settling down at my class! todae was so noisy! mr foo wasnt in sch. durin art period went to mpr to dunno do wad. in the end no teacher came to relief and so we were bringin the whole mpr down. yuru shann and xiangling were practicin the cheerleadin thing. i want to try fer cheerleadin to but.. haiyah. dunno la. then its lyk i was desprately tryin to get sum ppl to play whacko but they all refused and then i started singin our 'class song' hahahas! and evelyn got so hooked onto it and i gan ran to everibody and they started singin it. all hu r in 2 wisdom 04 should noe wad 'class song' im referrin to hor? hahahas. then later durin IPW period. no teacher again. then were goin bonkers and i started singin 'class song' and zixin and i made up the opera version was so noisy lor i tell u! hahahas. then wads that girl name ha? forget le. ehh.. JIALUN yupps. she was the conductor. hahahas. was so cute!!!! yea!!!! yea yea yea!!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 5:20 AM

Thursday, January 15, 2004

eee. now can sign le. ur blog playin tricks one mi.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:25 AM

nicole nicole!! i carn get into ur guestbk. ur link dun work(i guess) i cannot sign ur guestbk!!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:23 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:19 AM

ohmigosh! is that xie zhi lookin so... *shock*

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:18 AM

i carn stand it! my class! its drivin mi mad. ok. ive been tryin realli hard to get used to my class but to no avail. maybe i didnt try hard enuff and get the whole class talking. well. u noe one thing i cannot stand about my class is that its so quiet! everyone sticks to their own clicks and just refuse to tok to anyone else unless it was a emergency or sumone went to them and try to yalk to them. ok. i admit. ive not been talking much either but. gosh. its just gettin too borin here in 2 wisdom. and whenever i need to say sumthin i feel so out of place. gosh! hai~

-5566 second album
-school of rock sound track
-op blue colour sun dress
-bum equipment's halter
-new pair of jeans

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:10 AM

Monday, January 12, 2004

oh gosh. im now juggling between msn, bloggin. and finishin up my english holiday homework. hai.. gosh. look at my computer table! paper strewn all over. sure get scolded from my mummy unless i miraculously manage to clean up this mess before she comes in the room. oh dear! hahahas. better not blog anymore!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:03 AM

Wang Xing Jie
Wang Xing Jie

WhO iS uR wEsTsIdE sToRy LoVeR
brought to you by Quizilla

ohmigosh! how on earth did i end up havin him? i was countin on you ya yu. hai~

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:12 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2004

tonight was fun fun fun!!! yea! wells. thou i didnt lyk sum parts and i was lyk screamin half the night but it was fun all the same. hahas.. yea!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:11 AM

Friday, January 09, 2004

o! i anyhow click the song frm jay chou and it was the song i wanted! yea! yea yea!!! hahahahhas...

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:27 PM

aiyoh! todae woke up with mi bear bear on the floor again. dunnoe whether yesterdae i got fight in my dreams or not. haiyoh. the past few days i keep wakin up with my bear bear on the floor leh! aiyoh. hahahahhas.. wells. todae had been veh boring. so far. nows onli 12. should be more fun frm nowonwards. haas. i was a good girl this morn ok? i revised my math and learned a little chinese and read sum chinese book. shui hu zhuan. borin lar. then i couldnt stand it anymore. onli mi and mi mummi at home. shucks.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:26 PM

danke schon= thank u veri much!

new word learned todae. ((:

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:51 AM

todae was... nice.. veri touchin. den its lyk. ok. we were at the MPR and then we were formin the word *LD luv(heart shape) u* with candles fer mrs tian farewell.. hai. then sum candles veh lousy one lar. they veh fast the wax melt one. haiyoh. hahahahas. den later mrs tian came in blindfolded. then we sang the song. forgot wad song le. aiyoh. dunnoe wad happen to mi. hai~ short term memory. haas. then it was lyk sing sing sing suddenly dunnoe y la but juz cry lor. the tears juz came out uncontrollably. hai.. hahas.. then beside mi shuming was lyk sobbing so loudly but i dunnoe how on earth she managed to sing so loudly toos at the same time la but hecks. i was lyk tears. softly. but there was still this lump in my throat then got sum parts i couldnt sing. hai~ juz dunnoe how shuming managed to sing so loudly!!! ahahahas... then its lyk then talia gave the speech. kar mun was sobbin so loudly the whole scene was lyk so farny and cute. ahahahhas... then cristal broke down toos. then i tearin again. hai~ den later mrs tian gave speech toos. teared lots again. hahahhaas... then later eat eat. they all take evrithing. nuthin left lor! but muz admit lar. i aso took quite alot toos. and eat. but i onli ate one nugget ok? haiyoh. hhahahas. then later roger came. then we were discussin abt where we left the last hols. then it was gettin so borin. i was doodlin on vivian's paper. drawin mi trademark bee lar. makin it look old lar.. all saggy and things. make it look sumthin wrong la.. wadeva la. then aso drew this girl. then i was goin to finish the mouth of the girl that time hor. suddenly i heard alot of ppl goin 'xiangli' 'xiangli lar' then i was lyk ha? me? wad did i do? then i found out that they were saboin mi fer dat stupid prostitute role. shucks la! then hor. aiyoh! haiyoh... aiyah heck la!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:39 AM

Thursday, January 08, 2004

So.. If U Think U r fluent in speaking English ... Try this without a stutter!

Mr. See and Mr. Soar were old friends. See owned a saw and Soar owned a seesaw. Now See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw before Soar saw See, which made Soar sore. Had Soar seen See's saw before See saw Soar's seesaw, then See's saw would not have sawed Soar's seesaw. But See saw Soar and Soar's seesaw before Soar saw See's saw, so See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw. It was a shame to let See see Soar so sore just because See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.


the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:08 AM

yea yea yea!!! can see mi bloggie le!!! muacks!! luv all of ya out there!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:04 AM

Monday, January 05, 2004

u dont remember me. but i remember u.
twas not so long ago. u broke my heart in two.
tears on my pillow. pain in my heart.
caused by u. u.

if we could start anew. i woudnt hesitate.
id gladly take u back. and tept the hands of fate.
tears on my pillow. pain in my heart.
caused by u. u. u. u. u.

love is not a gadget. love is not a toy.
when u find the one u luv he'll fill ur heart with joy.

luv that song. muacks!!!

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 1:38 AM

ahhhhhhhhh! gosh!.. wells. dunno la. still carn see anything. yupps. shucks la!!! aiyoh. im the creative comm assistant. hai...

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Saturday, January 03, 2004

fer sum stupid reason i cannot see mi blog and other ppl's blog!!! i dunno y. its always link back to wadeva lor!!! how??? u all can see? and oh ya! i dunnoe hus evelyn. sorry but im in a total loss.. hahhahas wells but i haf a hunch that its the liew girl. ahahahhahahas! :D is that u??? ahahahhas... dunno la

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gosh! im dead darn tired..... tired............................

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wah lao.. i juz saw the chinatown. wahh!! so many ppl... wells todae was so tirin. then lyk.. aiyoh. haf to repeat the same play again and again. lyk 11 times?! then so tired alreadi lor! hahahhas... juz woke up. then i came back then sleep lyk fer 2 hours. hahahahhas! pig! hahahhas... okie gonna do the history homework le!

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