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Monday, June 30, 2003

heys, havent been blogging 4 a long
time. kinda sianz alreadi but im going to add in sum nice games (or i think so)
wells, juz fall down ouch. moi right face...

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 3:25 AM

Sunday, June 22, 2003


urmm.. well, now at the chalet
internet booth larhs. dun haf time. moi mom wanna moi to go n this booth is not
open all dae one ok? n aso.. there is no chairs at all!!!! sick larhs, muz stand
up n type this.. nvm larh. jus checking moi blog 4awhile. see wad u all did to
it while im am awaying (IM STILL AWAY).. wells seems u all nva do anything at
all... no one sign moi guestbook...

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:10 AM

Friday, June 20, 2003

wELL, ITS 1:10 now n i would be
going off to chalet in abt an half n hour? wells, jus gonna sae buaiz buaiz to
all of ya :D

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 10:14 PM


wells, todaes went to hougang mall
by the
nel (north east line).
dun realli lyk the line much though. delay untill sho long... cannot see wan
quan yu le... hai...

wells, at hougang mall went to buy
shirt at hang ten. one is
one. the other is
then went to borrow sum bookies. then
walk here walk there then go the

not nice one i tell u the
not nice one!!!!!
but actually realli cool to be able
to see the tunnel. sho nice.

off to chalet

call mi on moi

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:29 AM

Thursday, June 19, 2003

wells, dunnoe. going to ask leeyi
to help mi fix the guestbk. hang in there okie? the guestbk wil be readi in...
dunno how long. :D

wells, yesterdae night went to j8
wif mi sis. go walk walk then go to the ntuc (basement), ask one person where
the jelli is at. this is the conv. sis-sis mi-piggue him-him:

piggue: excuse me.. excuse me, may
i noe where the jelli is?

him: mmm..mrmm.mrrm...

piggue: ah?

him: got marigold one...there...

sis: err...nonono. those..urmmm...
animal jelli ones

piggue: those normal types


piggue+sis: o...ok... *walks off

he is so soft lorss. cannot hear a
single thingy. then we had to find the jelly our own. those jelly u buy can go
freeze untill hard hard then eat...veri nice one. then we found out that the epo
sushi was going 50% off after 9:30 then we "search 4 jellli" untill 9:30. oh
yeah, bought 2 rubber bands 4 any2 4 $2...

going of now... ohyeah pic..this
pic reminds me of the mary poppins got one story of putting the golden star back
to the sky

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 12:20 AM

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

dunno wad happened to moi blog. nvm. trying to figure
out wad happened....

this is mi now..

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:34 AM

little muffet sat on a tuffet...urmm forgot the others.
help mi finish the rhyme in the guest book kaes?

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:55 AM

okie ill be finding cute pics 4 u all to see. yar jus
found one just now

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:48 AM


wells, dunnoe wad to sae.
things haf been super dupe boring u noe? everidae ive been at hme studying n
studying, seldom go out...BUT!!! im going to chalet on saturdae loh!!! yay! so
happy. nah nah nee nah nah. im going a bit crazy larhh cause sho excited abt
going to chalet.

yesterdae, after posting
moi post, actualli wanted to go to sleep lar but cannot. make untill 0130 (abt
abt lar) den slp. hiyohs. den todae moi mom purposeli wake moi up at dunnoe lar...earli
in the morning lorhs... going to  do sumthing else now. post another one
tonight :D

ohyeah i found this baby
pic. cute righ?

lurve ya

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 12:08 AM

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


wells, not to bad huhs? moi blog? hey! ive been working on it n gotten scolded
many times 4 doing this okie? i put in sho much effort. its nice to lay back n
see moi master piece u noe? its great. this feeling n oh yeah. the guestbook is
done n pls sign okie? its not realli nice lar but im still finding veri hard 4
the layouts 4 this guestbk okie? looks lyk everione is using that blueswirls
thingy. i wanna sumthing diff n carn find yet. hiyohs. didnt noe that having a
blog muz put in sho much effort but is nice to see everithing, moi masterpiece.
yay! to think ive accomplish sho much wif no ones help! nowonder im smart n

wells, to dae is again study study study lorrss. nuthing much. ive got pearl!
the nemo likky octopus one

sho cute...

okie. off to sleep. bb. sweet dreams

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:04 AM

Monday, June 16, 2003



here!! :D

okie, im doing well. i found out how to fix moi blog liao. now im just finding out u ppl blog url. pls tell mi okie?

todas woke up at


lalala now then haf rest to watch wan quan yu le.

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 11:43 PM

heyos! xiangli here!! :D

going to sleep soon.. cant keep moi eyes open *yawn* *o_O*

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:51 AM

Friday, June 13, 2003

heys, xiangli hor

thank u soooooooo much! muak! i love you eliza...hmmmm...i think im going to get sumone else to help mi untill u r back. i cant wait to get started! hha so im of to find sumone and do sumthing else too...

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 5:48 PM

me again la.
just wna say i cant make ur gbk cos ive put ur email inside that thing
and they need ter send u the password to ur email
and so i cldnt get the password to help u get started
the link in ur blog now linking bek ter "guestbook" is a fake url
cos ive not yet done ur gbk
u will need to go ur email and take the password then u can log in to ur gbk
ur username will be sent ter u as well yupps.
and im leaving for thailand tomms early in the morn so i cant help u wit it yets
u try on ur own first yarrs ?
will help u when i get bek yupps
and i posted two entries here alr.
-points below-
thats the first entry i posted
kkys im dead tired
gta wake up at six tomms
u take care yarrs ?
loveya gurl

eliza +

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:54 AM

heyys xiangli ! ((:
through such a longg tym
i manage ter change the look of ur blogg ! :D
u owe me a treat mann
i sacrificed my slping tym noe ?
kidding lahhs !
just go sign my guestbook more often yarrs ? :D
im leaving fer thailand tomms morning and im still awake
still gta do ur guestbook
alryts alrtys.
ltrs !

eliza +

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 8:36 AM

okie hi. im back... wells i dun really noe wad to do lar :) trying to get sumone to help mi wif moi blog.... its kinda boring. im still exploring this place u noe? oh yeah.. is there any hmwrk on epebble? must tell mi hor. not checking epebble nowadaes. :D can help moi sign moi guestbk? tell mi wad u think n wad i can improve and the things lyk where to get those things okie? or if u wanna jus say hi or luv u or sumthing aso can :D

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 7:29 AM

okie.. im really desperate. no one help mi mar.. :'(

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:56 AM

haiyo... i really having trouble... hheeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppp ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:49 AM


the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:43 AM

okie hello... this is moi first message in this blog... yar. sho all of u must teach mi how to do this thing u noe? im new leh... hai....

the glamour chic, kinquesie @ 2:39 AM

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